“Just this morning, Ed did a sound healing for me and Joann Moore in our home. It was one of the most peaceful, and productive sessions ever! If you have not had this experience yet, please give Ed Cleveland a call and perhaps schedule your own healing with him…AMAZING!!”

– Joseph FireCrow

“He held 65 kids ages in k to age 21 in complete attention for 45 full minutes. He did two groups and had age appropriate questions and modeling and demonstration of his amazing sounds. The kids had a chance to try them and I did not get one complaint from the staff or students. We have students with special needs only. Autism and other disabilities. Those that needed to have another plan did, however 98% of our students were fully engaged with his meditative sounds. We would have him back.”

– Bepsie Perry

“Ed has ‘matched’ his Aspiration of doing qualified sound work, and applying himself to real training and practice.”

– Mitch Nur

“I had the pleasure of enrolling my four home schooled children in a two day course on sound and energy with Ed Cleveland this past spring. After taking a few courses with Ed myself, I had inquired about whether he could do something for children and he agreed that he would enjoy working with them. The next time I inquired about such a course, I was pleased to share possible dates with him, and within a day, we had two picked out that worked with all of our schedules.

​My children are in varying learning age groups ranging from 9-17, but Ed was confident as was I that they work well together yet in their appropriate age level during his presentation of the material. The first day of the course was filled with eager eyes and hands, which waited patiently for Ed to finish his words of introduction. They listened and shared about themselves, later asking questions they found relevant or had always wondered about. Soon, however, we were off playing with his tremendous range of sacred and unusual sound healing instruments. Under his wise tutelage, I witnessed the magic of sound healing reach deeply into the ears, minds and hearts of my kids. The sense of wonder I saw in their eyes, each of them, was a treasured, rare treat in our age of children’s’(and people’s?) short attention spans and instant gratification. His intuitive, experienced style of teaching was never more evident than as I silently observed this special class. He made a point to keep the curriculum loose and flexible, always taking time to tune into their energies and interests.

​Their apparent interest and joy at learning this entirely new and diverse subject matter was palpable. The smiles of those two days were unforgettable. I know with certainty that a child of any age or cognitive level and/or adults can enjoy, learn from and thrive in any number of courses Ed teaches. I feel the sincerest gratitude for Ed’s willingness to work with children, and for the many doors opened in the minds and hearts of my children those days. I recommend classes with Ed to everyone who feels interested or called to learn more about these ancient, primal and revitalized studies of sound, frequency and energy.”

– Liberty Liscomb

“If you are looking to take a Reiki I class then I highly recommend Ed Cleveland! My experience was nothing short of amazing. He uses the assistance of crystals, singling bowls, a gong, Native American mantra, guided meditation, and more into his attunement ceremony. I can literally feel the white light within my heart and down my body now. I feel as if I gained 10 years of wisdom in 6 hours, and it’s all thanks to this man!”

– Alyssa Joan

“You are a great vessel for God’s divine work, and my prayer for you, is that God will continue to use you greatly. I wish you peace, prosperity and abundance as you walk on your journey to heal, restore and rejuvenate. Thank you for your kindness and I bless you with love, light and energy! “

– Theresa

“On black Friday , `Ed Cleveland created a Sound Bath for us . We heard birds, wind, Gongs, Bowls, Sounds with no name given, we awoke on Sat. morning `feeling good` *our entire body & mind were taken on a journey , Thank You ! and Erin Day`s Yoga Studio *a Beautiful , healthy experience ~Namaste.` Once a month here. Peace.”

– Scotty Giffen

“I’d like to thank you, Ed Cleveland, for your skill and heart as a sound healer. I’d experienced sound and energy healing frequently, but after a traumatic loss I avoided it, until I hesitantly went to your sound healing table at a festival. You directed the sound at the back of my heart. It was very difficult for me, but you were so supportive and reminded me just to breath, that I didn’t have to carry all of what I was holding. Thank you for that moment, it was the beginning of my feeling like I wanted to take care of myself again. It may have seemed small but for me it was a huge turning point. “

– Erin Day

“An absolutely wonderful experience, Ed Cleveland! I’ve been running a bit hyper these last few months, and this sound meditation was perfect for helping to re-set my nervous system. I slept so well last night — very solid without the tossing and turning. (I know this for a fact b/c my Fit Bit showed me the sleep data.)”

– Kate Jagodzinski Greatorex

“I would like to recommend Ed from Ed Cleveland Reiki Sound Healing Center for your Professional Certification and your healing practice. Ed is present with you, very generous with his time, sharing his knowledge with passion and pleasure. I felt such a peace and a shift about my energy when working with him. Thank you, Ed, for your loving presence and to create such a difference in this world. This work with Sound Healing and (not forgetting the essence oil) is very important this is the new medicine in this huge time of transformation.”

– Mylène Claire LMT, Reiki Practitioner. Laughter Yoga Teacher Expressive Arts Facilitator

“I had the most Positive Experience with Ed!! He is extremely knowledgeable in his craft, and answering any & all questions that I had… He is a man that has done extensive research & training and am very confident that you will Also have the same results. Thanx, Ed!!!”

– Nicholas D’Angelo

“I was fortunate to experience Ed Cleveland’s Sound Healing sessions more than once and each time was AMAZING!!! Ed is a very gifted healer and a magnificent human being. His talents alone would make any appointment with him an excellent investment coupled with his compassion and genuine interest in people. I highly recommend Ed Cleveland to anyone who is looking for a caring and dedicated Healing Arts teacher. His extensive knowledge of multiple healing modalities makes him a powerful facilitator for healing and teaching. For this reason, I registered for his Reiki II and BEing Reiki III Certified Training sessions.

Ed is clearly passionate about his work and dedicated to sharing his knowledge by teaching others with high integrity and laughter. His classes are well organized and personalized to the needs of his students. My goal was to become certified to give Distant Reiki to those in need of healing with special intent for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock before 12/4/16. I now feel more empowered to be able to help others which is my Life’s Purpose! Thank you Ed!! You truly are a gift and put on this Earth for a special reason!”

– Lisa M. Finelli

“It takes a lot of courage to open yourselves to these alternative healing modalities, if new to it. I can assure you that your energy is in hands of a teacher that works hard in studying ancient techniques to deliver you the best experience around. I feel honored to work alongside you Ed Cleveland. Thank you for creating a safe container and giving me the healing I needed tonight. Love & light blasting your way.”

– Luna Dess Yoga

“I think it’s incredibly important to acknowledge the people in our lives that can make our troubled lives less painful. The Ed Cleveland Reiki & Sound Therapy Training Center truly gave my husband and I a fresh start and allowed us to experience something knew that was fed by nothing but white light of the highest good. Ed Cleveland I admire you for following your path and bringing healing, positive energy, strength, motivation, excitement, and love back to those you come in contact with. The session my husband and I had was a joint session that incorporated, sound, light, scent, energy work, and education that was catered to each of our needs! If you’re looking to detox from the negative society around us and jumpstart your healing process, I highly suggest reaching out and trying a session!”

– Alyssa Skewes

“Great class experience & Ed’s energy & passion was amazing! highly recommend.”

– Elena Reno

“I last experienced wonderful energy with Ed at his Healing Gong & Sound Journey on the Sunday after Thanksgiving – it was a wonderful and much needed relaxing afternoon! I brought my zero-gravity chair (I highly recommend it) and just allowed my worries & cares float away as Ed filled the room with positive vibes.

The time flew by much too quickly!!! I highly recommend that you do this for yourself this holiday season – keep yourself balanced during these stressful times. I cannot praise Ed enough for his positive energy, compassion, knowledge and straight-up joy <3 Thank you so much, Ed <3 xo”

– Amy Shores Lombardo

“What can I say about Ed Cleveland that hasn’t already been said?

Here’s my personal story, and review of Ed’s work as an RMT: I decided that I wanted to to be a reiki practitioner long before I made a reiki 1 appointment with Ed. I had seen the same ad in Natural Awakenings several times, and kept meaning to call this same woman, but I just didn’t. Instead I saw Ed on Facebook and thought I already knew him, but I didn’t. It turns out that I had a dream about him before I met him, but I didn’t remember until we met for my reiki 1 certification. I then found out many others had the same experience.

Ed is not one of those teachers in it solely for the money. Ed is a true mentor, and he will not spare any time making sure that you understand and grasp the knowledge he is teaching. He will answer any questions you may have, and does not worry about time. He is a truly genuine soul that will teach you not only what he knows but he will also teach you about yourself, and your help you mold your own beliefs without even knowing it.

Ed’s reiki attunements are out of this world! The visions I saw, the feeling during and after is unmatched from any reiki attunement story I have heard. For weeks after my first attunement I felt like I had a beam of light bursting from my chest. I felt love and warmth like never before. My second attunement was not as intense as the first, but my strength in reiki went up immensely. All jokes aside sometimes I feel like an anime character with the amount of energy I feel in my palms. It is said that the reiki I give feels like a warm hug, and that’s how I would have to describe the reiki I have received from Ed.

I recommend, and would be almost willing to bet that your reiki attunement will be unmatched by anyone other than Ed. When you are finished with his class he won’t be just another RMT, he will be like family to you. I call him my soul uncle lol! He is truly one of a kind, and very special, and you won’t be disappointed with his reiki classes! I can’t wait to take his other classes offered!”

– Alyssa Joan

“Ed was extremely knowledgeable, explaining how sounds work on our body, mind and soul. He also gave us a brief history of the neuroscience with sound and the history of sound. He had many different instruments than gongs and made an array of various octaves sounds to create healing in areas that you needed. I know Ed is one of a kind and is always learning and sending out healing and knowledge to all who attend his classes, workshops. I think he will be back if you missed it. Stay tune to his Facebook page for additional places and times!”

– Deb Parker


Seriously, this year’s program has gifted me deep knowledge and has increased my confidence and abilities exponentially. It was AMAZING. And I am in the 3 For Peace making the sounds for The Recording Den.

Katie Cavenagh


"Just this morning, Ed did a sound healing for me and Joann Moore in our home. It was one of the most peaceful, and productive sessions ever! If you have not had this experience yet, please give Ed Cleveland a call and perhaps schedule your own healing with him...AMAZING!!"

Joseph FireCrow

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